Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stamping with my Bud!

Nicholas has decided he is going to get into stamping!  All of my children went through a phase where they loved to stamp with me.  After a while, they all decided it wasn't for them.  Now it is Nicholas' turn.  He went through my folder of card samples and picked out the card he wanted to make.  Then came the hard part.  He decided he needed all of his own supplies as well.  Good thing I have plenty.  He set up his own little station in his room.  The look on my husband's face was priceless when Nick so proudly brought him in to see it.
So, we sat down at the kitchen table to make this card.  We needed to first create a mask and Nick picked up on that concept right away.  Cut out all of his own and all.  He was a champ!  Even cut all of his own layers.

 We had a ball.  Here is the inside of my card.  The card below is Nick's.  He actually made it for my mom, though I haven't remembered to take it to the post office yet.  The "M" on his card stands for Momom (which is what they call my mom) and the "N" for Nick.  He was quite proud.
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Elaine M said...

Nicholas you made a fantastic card! I know your grandmother will treasure it. Great job - I look forward to seeing more cards from you in the future