Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I got presents!

While we were away, I received a package from my Secret Sister. I love presents! The package contained the Celebrate card, the key finger (not sure what it is called, but hangs over the side of your purse so you can find your keys) and a bookmark made at Convention. There was also a package of jellybeans, but they didn't make it for the picture, LOL! Thank you so much Secret Sis! I sent a small package to my Secret Sister too and will be back later in the week with a picture of her goodies.

The other picture is of a beaded dragonfly that my daughter made for me. She loves to bead and has made scissor charms for me and beautiful ankle bracelets as well. The picture above really doesn't do the dragonfly justice. It is very pretty. Thanks so much sweetie! Just thought I would share.... Thanks for stopping by.


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