Friday, August 29, 2008

Ain't it Pertie?

My blog has received a makeover! I stumbled across a blinkie during one of my endless blog surfing escapades and made a new friend! Of course, she probably thinks I am this crazy customer who won't leave her alone.... Veronica worked with me to make a new banner, signature and watermark for my blog as well as a few other changes my template wouldn't allow me to do without knowing how to manipulate it. She was so sweet and patient and helpful as I kept sending her samples and asking for changes, etc., until we found something reflective of my personality. I just love the color scheme and, of course, there had to be flowers and swirls! Take a moment to scroll down the right sidebar and you will see her blinkie under VK Design Co. Check it out! Veronica was truly wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her blogging services. Thanks again, Veronica!


Veronica McCollum said...

You are so welcome, Stephanie! And thank YOU for such kind words. I really enjoyed working with you on your blog. Enjoy!

pkb129 said...

Hi Friend, I've been meaning to tell you how much I like your new signature...and now a WHOLE new look to your blog!!
Impressive! I'm jealous!
Hope you are in NJ okay. come back home quickly!